Project Exodus Defends Victim

Two months ago Project Exodus was approached by a mother in duress. Her daughter, a victim of human trafficking, had been arrested for a crime that she was forced to commit by her pimp and abuser. Though the mother initially contacted us with the simple hope of attaining some advice, after hearing her situation we decided to support her.

In a big move for our organization, we decided to pay for a lawyer to represent the victim in criminal court. We felt that God had put this mother and victim in our path and that we were being called to give aid to them. Our hope by giving the victim a lawyer was to be able to defend her and prove that she was in fact a victim of a crime and not a criminal.

Though Project Exodus completely believes the innocence of the victim, proving that innocence is much more difficult in a court of law. What further makes the case difficult is the relative rarity of human trafficking cases that go in front of a court. Using human trafficking as a defense is difficult if the court is not familiar at all with human trafficking and its dynamics. For security reasons we cannot go into the details of the case but what we can say is that from the start we were facing an extreme uphill battle. God has been with us this entire time and true miracles have been happening but we still need help.

On Wednesday, 7/27/11, the court will make the final decision in regards to the future of the victim. If our defense holds, she will be put on probation. If it fails, she faces up to 20 years in prison. Our defense has been made, our letters have been read, and now we wait.

While we cannot be sure of the outcome of the trail, what we can be sure of is that we worship a God of justice who loves victims in a way we cannot even imagine. We also know that whatever we ask for in prayer, God will answer. Our God is a God who fights for justice on behalf of the oppressed. He is our sanctuary in times of need. He is our light in darkness. He is our hope when there is no hope to be found. In this time of need, we turn to God and ask him to hear our prayers.

We are asking that everyone please join us in a time of prayer for this victim of human trafficking. We ask that you please pray for God to move in the heart of the judge and let the judge understand the situation of our victim. We ask that you pray for the victim and her mother, that God gives them comfort in this time of trial. We ask that you pray for the trafficker of our victim, that he may realize the error of his ways and repent. We pray for justice. We pray for hope. We pray for freedom.

In addition to prayer, if you are willing and looking for further ways to become involved, we are asking for further support. In order to hire the lawyer, Project Exodus had to pay $2000. While this is an amazing deal for a laywer, the amount represents a considerable amount of money for our organization. If you feel led, we are asking you to consider supporting the trial by donating to Project Exodus. While we have already paid the money, the money donated will help regain our financial standing and allow us to invest in much needed surveillance equipment for our operation teams.


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