Take Action

Top Ten ways you can make a difference

  1. Get educated
  2. Tell a friend
  3. Volunteer at one of the organizations making a difference
  4. Donate to a worthy organization
  5. Organize a group of volunteers
  6. Coordinate a media event
  7. Host an awareness event
  8. Help support legislation to stop child trafficking
  9. Coordinate a fund raising drive
  10. Be creative

How to host an event at a local school

The following is a list of steps to consider in preparing to have an event at a local High School or Junior High.First, Talk with various groups that may be willing to help coordinate the event

  • School PTA
  • Student Clubs (Key Club, etc.)
  • PTA’s from other schools in your area.
  • Churches and community groups (Rotary, Optimist Club, Etc.)

Second, form a committee of volunteers

Third, pick a target date for the event, and get preliminary permission from the Principal.

Fourth, look on the resource list for speakers.

  • An organization who helps victims or exposes child trafficking
  • Someone with a personal testimony

Fifth, contact local law enforcement for their support and resources.

Sixth, invite business and organizations to sponsor the event and raise funds for organizations making a difference in the fight against human trafficking.

How to host a public recognition event

Here is a list of things to consider to make your media event a success.

 First, Select someone you know that is making a difference. 

  • Someone that is part of law enforcement that recently made an arrest or freed some victims.  
  • Someone who is part of exposing and shutting down the predators.
  • Someone who is helping the victims of child trafficking.

Second, contact some local dignitaries to be part of the media event

  • Mayor and City Council
  • Police Chief or Sheriff
  • County Supervisor
  • State or Federal Congressional Representative

Third, contact some local celebrities to be part of the event

  • Movie or TV actors
  • Local professional and college athletes
  • Presidents of local businesses and community organizations

Fourth, contact a couple PTA Presidents from local schools.  They can contact the CA State Committee on Community Concerns for a Certificate to present.

Fifth, contact the local newspapers and TV stations and let them know who you have assembled for the media event.  Give them contact information, so they can begin to write their story.

Sixth, coordinate with the groups to pick a date for the photo event and the presentations from the various organizations to honor the person or group that is making a difference in fighting Child Trafficking.  The location can be simple, like on the steps of City Hall.  Another option is an elaborate lunch event with speakers.  Either way, the goal is to recognize, encourage and support worthy individuals and organizations for their efforts.

Seventh, thank everyone for their participation and suggest making it an annual event on January 11, Child Trafficking Awareness Day.

How to Use the PTA Resolutions

Use the resolutions as an endorsement for leaders of non-profits that help expose predators and provide aid to victims to get into the schools and warn children and parents.  The resolution shows that a million parents in California think this is an important issue and we need to take action.